Coin Workshops continued…

The next step in the coin workshop was to upload the findings into a spreadsheet using Google Docs.  This system allowed any member of the volunteer team to upload their data, and consequently for all participants to view everyone’s entries.  The spreadsheet contained columns in which data such as the coin’s given name or id number, the location of its mint, the approximate year of its mint, the ruling emperor of the time, notable features, and a link to a corresponding picture could be added.  Week by week students added data to this chart as they completed more RTIs.  The project is not yet completed, but we have made excellent progress!  Here are some examples of coins that were imaged (the 3 frames represent the coin pre-RTI, the coin in the RTI viewer, and a parallel coin found on the internet):


This coin was minted during the reign of Justinian I in Alexandra, between 527-565 AD.  It is possible to distinguish a helmeted and cuirassed bust facing forward, holding a globus cruciger and shield, with a small cross to the right on the obverse of this coin.

This coin is of an unknown Ptolemy and was also minted in Alexandria.  On the obverse you can see a diademed head of Zeus-Ammon, and on the reverse there are two eagles facing the left standing on a thunderbolt.


As you can see, the RTIs were very successful in terms of enhancing faded details!  While there were some coins that were too damaged even for the RTI to determine lettering or symbols, the process was very informative for several coins.  This workshop will continue next year in hopes of including as many students as possible in this exciting process.


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